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What does your Diamond Color say about you?

A diamond is truly a remarkable piece of nature. It is a representation of a lifetime of love and devotion and above all, happiness! It also however has a unique colour, which symbolises a special meaning. At YEG Fine Jewelry, we love having fun with the various shades and hues of these beautiful gems. Diamonds are found in nature in various shades of colour such as bright yellow, alluring blue, enchanting green and the rarest of them all, red diamonds. When buying a diamond, it’s important to find a diamond that speaks to you and embodies your one of a kind personality. Remember, the best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

The colour red and pink: A red diamond is the rarest diamond colours of its range, with only 30 diamonds known to exist in the world. Similar to red diamonds, fancy pink diamonds are almost as rare and valuable. The remarkable diamonds both symbolise strength, passion, confidence and power.

The colour brown: A brown diamond is often referred to as the cognac, coffee or champagne colour diamond. The beautiful diamond is formed due to nitrogen being part of the formation process. Unlike, red diamonds, brown colour diamonds are available in high amounts. It’s believed that the magnificent diamond connects the wearer with the earth and nature. It also symbolises order, stability and clarity.

The colour yellow: Yellow diamonds are considered to be extremely popular and have been used to create some of the world most iconic jewellery items. Like a brown diamond, yellow diamonds are formed due to nitrogen being present in the formation process. The fascinating diamond represents humility, hope, friendship and happiness.

 The colour green: A green colour diamond comes in a variety of extremely rare olive green and yellowish green colours. Unlike, other fancy colour diamonds, green diamonds are formed due to the exposure of radioactivity. The one of a kind diamond symbolises youthful strength, nature, abundance and prosperity.

The colour blue: Blue diamonds are also exceptionally rare. The remarkable blue hues of the diamond are caused due to boron being present during the formation process. A blue diamond represents peace, truth, devotion, eternity, chastity and spirituality. The breathtakingly striking blue colour of the stone has made the diamond extremely popular.

The colour black and white: Black diamonds have become extremely popular worldwide; many people have considered a black diamond to be a less traditional alternative to a colourless diamond engagement ring. The traditional symbolism of the black diamond is passion, action and energy, whereas the modern meaning of the diamond is power, creativity and purity. A white diamond, on the other hand, represents holiness and cleanliness.